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What Will I Learn At the Symposium?

Learning from multiple individuals is essential to growth. By attending NECKS, paddlers will have the opportunity to work with highly qualified individuals from all over the country. Their overall success in the outdoor education field will benefit from experiencing the diverse teaching styles that the coaches have to offer.

By limiting the attendance, we hope to help paddlers improve their skills, while also making connections with paddlers of similar age and ability. The event will also be a way for students to meet potential future employers. These connections will support the growth of the next generation of paddlesports professionals.

Lastly, this event will be fun. Our coaching staff allows us to offer classes for students at every level, so no students will feel uncomfortable or bored. Students can play in environments ranging from flat water, to technical surf.

Location and Logistics:

TThe next symposium will take place in October, 2020. We will have more details on the 2020 event as we get closer.

Attendees should plan on bringing their own meals. Two dinners will be provided as part of your course fee. Lunches will be eaten during course hours, so please plan accordingly.

Where Can I Lodge During My Stay?

A common lodging option is Sagadahoc Bay Campground, where attendees will get a discounted rate. Please contact the campground ahead of time, as space is limited. Reservations can be made online, or over the phone at 207-371-2014.

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